Value of Precious Moments Figurines

A few of you have written in asking me to give you a price quote on various different PM figurines. The Value of Precious Moments figurines can range wildly, but I thought it would be valuable for some of you if I listed a few of the more popular and rare ones here.
So here it is, our...

Precious Moments Value Book

1978 God Loveth a Cheerful Giver

Estimated Value: $535.00
This precious moments figurine has come off the market recently. It is a beautiful piece that flaunts the unique original style of the precious moments figurines. As it is an old piece, the color scheme and design are different than the modern standards set by PM. The look makes it a rare find, and must own piece for any collector.

We Would See Jesus

Estimated Value: $410.00
This limited edition piece is very large for a Precious Moments Figurine making it quite rare indeed. If it includes the the original card describing how Mr. Butcher designed it, you can expect the value to go up by about $50.

Making Music Together for 30 Years

Estimated Value: $362
Another limited edition piece. This one was released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of PM. It is complete if it comes with a small pin resembling the piece as well as Sam's signature on the bottom. Another piece for the ultimate Precious Moments enthusiast.

Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Estimated Value: $299.00
I know, $299.00 is a weird appraisal. I decided on this price because this particular figurine can really be expected to earn anywhere from $250-$325. With only 1000 made, this is one of the rarest PM collectibles out there.

Come Let Us Adore Him

Estimated Value: $250
A nativity set designed by Sam himself. Come Let Us Adore Him was released in 1979 and stands as one of the greatest nativities in the figurine world to date.

Birthday Train (Complete Set)

Estimated Value: $250
The complete birthday train can be difficult to track down.
If you happen to own each of the 17 pieces, each with their original box intact, you've got quite a valuable piece that is expected to go up in value over the years. Expect this complete collection to go up in value about $50 every year.

Lighted Inn

Estimated Value: $245
In my humble opinion, no PM nativity set is complete without the Precious Moments Lighted Inn. One of the only lighted pieces, this PM is very unique, rare and valuable. It makes a lovely accent in any home with or without the nativity to go along with it (we prefer the former of course!)

Celebrating the Gift of Life Now and Forever

Estimated Value: $190
Only 5030 of these were produced. It was a part of PM's 30th anniversary celebration. Now you can own this extremely rare piece for an unbelievably low price. This is a great piece for a beginner collector to start with.

Thanksgiving Family

Estimated Value: $200
This set is considered complete if all 6 pieces are included and intact. The box is an added bonus, raising the value by around $10.

Sharing of Ourselves Brings a Wealth of Joy

Estimated Value: $190
A lovely, less rare example of Precious Moments perfection. This piece will bring in more regardless of its abundance.